Kukula Mcdonald






Kukula is a Luritja woman from Papunya who has been painting at the Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio since 2002. Kukula predominantly paints Red Tailed Black Cockatoos, however, occasionally a Yellow Tailed Cockatoo, Galah or Ring Neck Parrot makes its way into her landscapes. Kukula knows where to find “big mobs” of “Red Bums” in the Central and Western Deserts, painting these busy scenes or a lone individual soaring in the sky. She incorporates these birds into the landscape, sitting on trees, flying in big open skies, or against the backdrop of ‘Uttumpatu’, the rocky purple outcrops that form ridge lines and hills beside the community of Papunya. Her brush strokes reflect the movement of feathers and textures of the land, whilst also capturing the cheeky nature of the birds; painting ‘Two Redtails Kissing, Others Looking’ or ‘Big Mob Makin’ Big Noise’ or the chatter of the ‘Red Bums’ ‘Saying; ‘I’m Coming, I’ve got to find a nest’.

Past Exhibitions