Seth Namatjira



Western Arrernte

Seth is a Western Arrernte man who grew up on the Finke River around N’Daria (Hermannsburg). As a boy Seth was a terrific swimmer and a good horseman. He regularly used to draw pictures in the sand and was rumoured to have frequently crept out of the classroom windows during tawdry lessons, in preference for watching his older cousins, such as Willy Ebatarintja, as they worked with wild horses around N’Daria. Seth has a very definite style of painting and works with both watercolours and texta using a large and varied colour spectrum to convey what he sees. His paintings are reflections of places he knows best, like the Western Macdonnell Ranges. Seth is a grandson of Albert Namatjira and a son of Keith Namatjira. He continues the tradition of challenging viewers with his use of wild and beautiful colours, which capture the extraordinary light of Central Australia.

Past Exhibitions