Charles Inkamala



Arrernte, Western Arrernte

Charles Jangala Inkamala was born in 1968. His mother’s country is Papunya and his father’s county; Ntaria (Hermannsburg). Charles lives in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and began painting with Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists in 2017.

He paints significant cultural sites such as Mt Sonder and Glen Helen Gorge in stylized detail. Charles meditates on his home country as he paints and imbues his work with strong knowledge of and connection to land. His intricate line work captures the multitude of directions of the rock layers in this ancient land and conjures strong impressions of the shaping of this country.

Echoes of Namatjira are evident in Charles’ water colour-esque application of acrylic paints, as well as his use of ultramarine blue. However, Charles’ playful use of depth sees this vivid hue being brought right to the forefront. Charles has also been experimenting with perspective in his works, combining aerial views with ground views in the one piece.

Prior to painting at Bindi, Charles primarily worked with graphite and coloured pencil, coloured markers and ball point pen. His work is fresh and exciting and he holds much potential as an emerging artist.

Past Exhibitions