Bindi “Cleans Up” at NT Arts Access Awards

The 2019 NT Arts Access Award Ceremony was hosted in Alice Springs on Weds December 3rd – the International Day for People with a Disability. It was a wonderful day to recognize the many substantial achievements in the NT Arts and Disability sector. Not only did Bindi provide paintings as prizes for the winners, we also placed in two categories! Bindi’s Art Coordinator, Sandra Brown, was Highly Commended in the category of Individual Arts Worker or Disability Support Worker and Conway Ginger and the Fly took out the category of Project.

Conway Ginger and the Fly is an animation and short ‘making of’ documentary that premiered at the 2019 Desert Mob Symposium. The animation, based on the quirky artworks of Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artist, Conway Ginger, followed a day in the life of Central Australia’s most ubiquitous, buzzing peeve, and gave it a tone of endearment. With a team of Rory Rockchild, an up and coming animator, and the late Dave Nixon, a veteran film maker and story capture-r, Conway Ginger and the Fly captured Conway’s absurd humour, sweet nature, and distinctive drawing style. See the full production here

Other Bindi participants starred in the day: Lizzy Trew performed a dance routine created with Incite Arts and Andrew Harrison recorded the ceremony for the local community radio station, 8ccc, who was also a finalist for his volunteer work presenting at on air at 8ccc.