Dan Raberaba


Date of birth


Dan Raberaba was born in Alice Springs and spent his younger years growing up in Hermannsburg. Dan learned to paint landscapes from his grandfather Simon Raberaba and Bush tucker from his grandmother at a young age. The beauty of the landscape around his country, the trees and the mountains especially, are what influences Dan in his work. He draws inspiration from life, his dreaming, memories and movies to portray the ‘beauty of the landscape’. Dan loves using bright colours in his work, and he enjoys painting many different things; landscapes at the Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artist Studio, bush tucker and birds at home. When Dan is in the bush and there is something that inspires him, he will use whatever he can find, even a stick to reproduce it. Through painting and drawing ‘my way’, Dan’s landscapes take on an ethereal dream like quality; bright clouds float through amber skies. Mountains and trees appear as if a mirage.