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Cathy Peckham

from Katherine

Cathy Peckham was born in Alice Springs in 1958 and returned to Katherine with her family shortly after this. After living in Western Australia with her young family Cathy returned to Alice Springs to live for the remainder of her life, however, always considered Katherine her home.

Cathy loved doing arts and crafts, but it was not until recent years when she had an artistic carer that Cathy began to develop her skills in fine arts. She enjoyed painting with her carer and found that calendars were a great place to source breathtaking landscape pictures from. During this time Cathy started collecting art and decorating her house. Some of Cathy’s favourite works were traditional top end paintings, with cross hatching, animals and vivid colours.

Cathy painted landscapes from images and memories of growing up in the Northern Territory. Using a colour palette inspired by nature, Cathy enjoyed the process of painting; the layering and blending of colours. Purple and green are two colours Cathy especially enjoys using in her work.

When asked if she would like to live in one of her paintings, Cathy said no, but suggested she would like to visit the places of her memories once again.

Cathy passed away in Alice Springs in 2016.

Cathy Peckham's paintings

Dark Waters Old Homestead at Arltunga Mud Flats in the Top End A hill in the bush Go to Gallery