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Mwerre Anthurre - "Beautiful art made in proper way"

Mwerre Anthurre – Bindi Art

Mwerre Anthurre art portrays the essence, beauty and humour of Central Australia. Each artwork is a beautiful reflection of the life and surrounds of the region as seen, known and loved by the artist.

Capturing the landscape with dynamic brushstrokes Mwerre Anthurre Artists create unique, high-quality naive and fine art. Exhibited nationally and internationally Mwerre Anthurre art is highly original, valued and sought after by galleries and private collectors alike.

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Bindi Enterprises
47 Elder St
Alice Springs, NT 0870

Phone: 08 8958 6215

E-mail: sandra.brown@lifestylesolutions.org.au


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Featured artist

Cathy Peckham

*1958 026

Cathy Peckham was born in Alice Springs in 1958 and returned to Katherine with her family shortly after this. After living in Western Australia with her young family Cathy returned to Alice Springs to live for the remainder of her life, however, always considered Katherine her home. Cathy loved doing arts and crafts, but it […]